Do you want to feel fit, have more energy, and perhaps even live longer? Insanity workout results ensure that you all these benefits of regular exercising, while taking on insane fitness results. In just 60 days, Shaun T’s amazing workout schedule offers you results that are hard to ignore.

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Insanity workout program might be the hardest workout ever put on DVD that is going to push you past your limits. By following a schedule divided on 10 workout discs, you take on extreme plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, resistance, power, and abs & core training moves, to get trained like a pro.

What Can You Expect from the Insanity Workouts?

You start your insanity workout schedule by taking body measurements, so that you are well aware of where you started. These measurements are taken intermittently throughout 60 days, divided on 4 times until you are done with the program. The results will speak for themselves!

The secret behind the mind-blowing results is Max Interval Training. This means that you will be burning up more calories, than walking on a treadmill for half an hour, in just the warm up routine.

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– America’s No. 1 workout – if you are serious to get perfect abs, firm arms, and muscle definition all over your body.

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Insanity Pros and Cons:

Insanity is widely popular program as it comes with more pros than cons. Here are a few for you to consider:


Go at Your Own Pace:

The insanity workout is an extreme program, which includes smaller resting intervals between the workouts. However, if you are new to the program, or starting at a beginner fitness level, then you can always mould the program according to the needs and take break when needed.

Insanity Is For Everyone:

Except for pregnant women, children, and the weak hearted people, this insane fitness routine is for everyone. There are videos of people who even weigh more than 350 pounds and are still sweating hard to get Insanity workout results.

Detailed Workouts with Zero Boredom:

Shaun T will personally teach you how to do the workouts. As each workout is different, you learn new thing at every stage without getting bored.

A Complete Combination of Health and Fitness:

When you take on the Insanity workout schedule, you get a detailed nutritional guide to help you learn about the right food stock to exercise efficiently, have more energy and vitality throughout the day.


Although Insanity workout can be molded according to the personal fitness needs, but consult your physician, before taking on the program, if you suffer from ailments.

Insanity is a complete cardio condition program and is not for those who seek improvements in size and muscle mass. It does not involve weight training and you most likely lose the fat than gain weight.

Since it is a home based workout program, you might need to contact a Beachbody coach so that you learn the basics correctly and for further guidance.

Overall, even with a few cons, Insanity Workout is proven to show you incredible difference from 1 day to day 60.

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