Tips to keep the diet on TrackWeekends are generally taken as a break-day from the hard working week days and all of us have plans lined up.

Many are going to be on the road to meet friends, family, and acquaintances over lunch and dinners parties. Others are getting ready to attend the birthdays and ceremonies. While there are some who just plan to dig-in their couches and watch TV all through the weekend. Whatever it is, eating becomes a major focus of the weekends and therefore, staying committed to the health and fitness over the weekend is the toughest part faced by everyone.

Here are some Healthy Diet tips for you to adopt so that you do not cheat on your health and fitness, refrain from the savory temptations without killing the fun out of the weekends, whether you sit at home or go out to party!

Controlling Temptations and Diet over Weekend Parties:Shakeology health shake

You often find yourself thinking, “How much is this really going to hurt my fitness routine?”, or “I will do an extra rep when the weekend is over.” These things might kill the fun from the parties as you sit alone, away from the goodies. Here is how you can overcome that:

Healthy Diet Tips Before You Go Out:

One of the best ways to curb your cravings and keep healthy diet tip is to eat something beforehand. If you have a party to attendant and you expect heavy menu, take a glass full of Shakeology half an hour before leaving the house.

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As Shakeology not only fulfills the appetite but also controls the curbing, you will not feel the urge to take on the unhealthy food options even if the sizzling hot pizza sits in front of you.

Add Nutrition on Your Plate:

Now that you have taken care of the cravings, you can fill your appetite with all the good things. You can divide nutrition from the foods you take on your plate.

Make sure that the foods you pick are low in calorie and carbs and try to focus on the portion sizes, even if you are at the salad bar, and choose the foods according to their nutritional values. This will help you take on enough food so that you do not feel ridiculed for missing out the party menus.

Controlling Your Meals While Spending Weekends at Home:

A date with a movie, without snacking is no fun. If you really want to munch of something without breaking the fitness streak, here are some ideas for you:

Snack On Something Healthy:

P90x protein barsWith a number of healthy Shakeology recipes, you can make yourself a healthy snack to munch on. The yummy Shakeology balls or smoothies will help to keep track of the calorie count while refraining from taking on the junk foods.

P90X protein bars are other healthy snacking options, which can help you get on with healthy option, without killing your health.

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Take Control Of The Environment:

You can also control your cravings by taking on the following measures:

  • Avoid going to the kitchen when something is cooking
  • Eat in little portions
  • Know what you are putting in your mouth even while watching movies
  • Limit your intake of chocolate and creamy items.


Do not make the weekend an extra “cheat day” on your diet! Think of what you have workout on and how hard it was to accomplish the goal. Is it really worth it? Think again before you indulge into the unhealthy food items.