Under-eye circles and puffiness are often the rebounds of a long night. Even if you have the perfect skin, the under eye circles can be a curse on your face.

There are many reasons that result in causing puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes, including inherited facial features, allergies, stress, age factors, eye fatigues, exposure to excessive sunlight, and lack of sleep. Here are some tips that can help you diminish their appearance from your face or getting rid of the circles completely for good. However, before you take on these remedies, make sure that you do not have skin allergies to any of the products used.

Using the Cold Tea Bags:

Cold Bags For Eye Circles

One of the old school remedy used for dark circles removal from under the eyes is using cold teabags. This may be the most effective method because the soaked tea bags helps to increase the circulation of blood to your eyes and helps to relax them as well, thus decreasing the swelling and discoloration from the eye area. Rosemary tea bags are often the best types to be used for the purpose.


Use Cucumbers:

Cucumber Eye CircleYou might have seen that many facial treatments that include a slice of cucumber placed on the eyes. The reason is that cucumbers have a cooling effect on the eyes, like the tea bags, and offer relief.

Slick some cucumbers and place them into the refrigerator or freezer for an hour. Place the slices over closed eyelids and help get rid of the circles.


Use Crushed Mint Leaves:

Mint Leave Eye Circle

You can also use mint leaves to eliminate the under eye circles. Clean some mint leaves and crush them into small pieces. Apply on the eyes for about 20 minutes and take them off. The mint will provide a cool sensation and the tingling will help to increase the circulation.


Use of Potato Slices:

Potato Slice Eye CirclesPotatoes are not just for French fries, but they are also natural remedies to reduce the under eye circles. Cut peeled raw potatoes and apply them over your eyes for a few hours. For best results keep them on overnight and banish the under eye circles.


Using of Moisturizers or Sunscreens that have Vitamin C:

Moisturization For Eye CirclesVitamin C and Antioxidants helps to support the collagen under the eyes. Sunscreens with Vitamin C are most effective to protect your skin from the harmful rays while adding health to your skin. Similarly apply Vitamin C and antioxidant enriched moisturizers on your skin at night delicately, to calm the eyes as well as to nourish them.



Acupressure For Eye CirclesAnother great procedure that you can do at home for under eye circle removal is natural Chinese remedy of acupressure. This treatment is the forefront of anti-aging. Use the index finger to press the bone underneath your eyes firmly. Hold the pressure for 3 seconds and release. Repeat the procedure 10 times each morning, cure the eye puffiness, and disappear the dark circles.

Try using these remedies not only take care of your appearance, but also helps you to add youthfulness and shine to your eyes for long.

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