combat challenge packsThe Challenge packs by Beachbody are Magic Pills to weight loss. With the right fitness workout plans and the necessary support, the Challenge Packs are the greatest opportunities to get some health before you enter the New Year.

Les Mills Combat is a new program by Beachbody, which includes the latest mixed martial arts techniques for a more defined look and better muscle definition.

Les Mills Combat + Shakeology Discounted Price: $160.00.

Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack for Complete Health:

The Beachbody Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack includes almost everything you need to be successful in order to lose weight, gain muscle tone, and definition, and improve your overall health.

With the Les Mills Challenge Program of Combat, get Fitness + Nutrition + Support together!


With the pack, you get the featured seven high-energy workouts that are designed to let you punch, kick, and strike your way to flatter abs, stronger legs, tighter buns, and seriously defined arms and shoulders.


Moreover, the Shakeology nutrition will help to fulfill the nutrition gaps and advance the workout results. With the challenge pack, you can order from any the 30-day supply back or the individual packs of Shakeology and too for just $160 – a saving of about 19.85!


Finally, the 24/7 online support will simply offer you Free Advice to do the workouts, motivation along the way and appreciation to complete the program with advanced results.

Maximum Success with Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack:

If you commit to stay fit forever with Beachbody Les Mills Combat Challenge pack, here are the other things to do if you want to enhance the results:

Starting the Les Mills Combat Program:

To get advanced results with the Les Mills Combat Challenge, start off with a 30-minute Basics DVD. This DVD will help give you the instructions on how to perform each of the 6 martial arts disciplines used in the program.

Equipments to do the workouts:

Although Les Mills Combat is a no equipment workout program, but you can always enhance the intensity and bring out better results with the LES MILLS COMBAT training gloves, available at the cost of $89.85.

The sizes for the gloves are:

  • Small =below 8″
  • Medium =8-8.75″
  • Large =above 8.75″

Essential Supplements to Boost the Results:

As you will be taking on the Challenge program of Les Mills Combat, Shakeology health shake will be added automatically, to augment the workout results. Other supplements to add include Results and Recovery Formula, E&E Energy and Endurance to add to the endurance and muscle performance.


By using the breakthrough science of Fast Twitch Integration Training, carve a lean, chiseled body with the 60 days Challenge Pack of Les Mills Combat! Buy the Les Mills Combat Challenge packs to add health and fitness together in low cost.